Pan Food Company Limited was established in 1995 by the management of Mr. Kunlawat Hongkoo and Mr. Surawit Lerdrattaporn, the two businessmen with expertise in fishery and food business. With more than 40 years of experience (since 1975), they conduct the business with integrity and determination and taking into account the consumers satisfaction, Pan Food Company Limited is now becoming the leader in the integrated food business, which makes customers confident that all of our services are truly full of quality.

We import and distribute fresh food, frozen food, carefully selected quality food ingredients from all over the world to Thai consumers. With a variety of product groups, whether as a group of Seafood products, Meat products, Japanese food product, Dairy products, Potato Products, Processed food products, Frozen vegetables and fruits and sauce and cooking sauce.

We are more than you know! We are manufacturers, importers and distributors. To meet the needs of customers in the food business Pan Food has more than 10 food production lines. For the convenience of customers, we tailor the food ingredients to the specifications you need, such as portion control like slicing, cutting, portioning, ready-to-cook food processing lines, Breaded & Crumbed line, Grilling, Tamagoyaki and other Japanese Food production line.

Pan Food is aware of the delicate of every step of the production process until it has been certified quality standards ISO:22000, GMP, HACCP and HALAL, therefore, has been trusted by leading food business operators, including hotels, restaurants, supermarkets. And food wholesalers nationwide. Currently, Pan Food has expanded sales offices in different regions and neighboring countries to increase accessibility and convenience for all food operators.


Certified by 
GMP, HACCP, ISO:22000 and HALAL.



Expanding branches in different regions And opening contact channels via Hot Line.


Imported modern machinery to increase production bases To keep up with the increasing demand of customers.


Have a research team and create new products to meet the needs of customers.

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